1. What is the purpose of Showtime VR software?

    The system is helpful whenever a professional playback of 360 degrees content is needed in the VR headsets, with easy operation, particularly if a high turnout of visitors is expected. From one remote controller device (for instance a tablet) you can take full control over one or many VR headsets and their content.

  2. Who is using Showtime VR?

    Showtime VR is widely used when 360 video playback needs to be easy, fast, with smooth flow of visitors. Clients of Showtime VR from around the world include VR cinemas and arcades, film festivals (including Cannes or Venice film festivals), event agencies and events, fairs, museums and exhibitions, schools and universities,

    training companies, marketing campaign activations, fundraising non-profit organisations. Some clients use the system for just one headset, some for 300 or 400 playing at the same time.

  3. How does Showtime VR work?

    Showtime VR is a tool for remote control over many VR headsets at once. It enables fully synchronic playback of 360 videos and panoramas. Showtime VR lets you use all standard playback features like play/pause or fast forward, it also allows you to monitor temperature, volume or battery level.

  4. On how many headsets can Showtime VR play?

    Depending on different licenses Showtime VR can synchronise playback on 3 headsets (LITE), 10 (Standard, PRO, Ultra), 25 or 50 (Ultra with network hardware). We’re offering as well licenses for unlimited numbers of headsets. The client provides then the adequate WIFI network to handle a given number of devices. So you can also organise an event with Showtime VR on 500 or 1000 headsets if needed.

  5. What video player does Showtime VR use?

    Showtime VR uses our own video player built specially for operating with the remote controlling system. It is one of the most advanced 360 video players on the market. The player can also be used as a standalone player app, without the controller, free of charge.

  6. What videos or pictures Showtime VR can play?

    Showtime VR 360 degrees videos, both 3D (stereoscopic) and 2D (monoscopic). Showtime VR plays as well 360 degrees still panoramas (both 3D and 2D). Different videos and panoramas can be combined in a joint playlist (PRO or Ultra license).

  7. Does Showtime VR uses streaming for video playback?

    The main functionality of Showtime VR is to synchronically play 360 content stored inside the VR headsets - this way you can achieve better video quality. We do support streaming from online sources with ULTRA license. Just make sure your internet connection can handle the traffic.

  1. Can I play spatial audio using Showtime VR?

    Yes, you can use spatial audio in Facebook360 TBE format with a separate .tbe file. The file should hold the same name as the original video file and should be placed in the same folder on the headset.

  2. Can I use subtitles in Showtime VR player?

    Yes. Our player enables using subtitles which are headtracked (you see the subtitles always in front of you).

  3. Can I see what people see in the headsets?

    Yes, Ultra license allows you to have a live video preview on the Controller device.

  4. Can I brand my Showtime VR software?

    Yes, with adequate licenses you can put your own 360 degrees background and the logo in the waiting room and change it whenever you want.

  5. Can I get statistics of my playbacks?

    Yes, with Ultra licenses you have advanced statistics of all playbacks which are often used by VR cinemas, festivals or events for payments per view to the content producers.

  6. Does your synchronisation allow audio playback from the loudspeakers in the room?

    Yes, we do have clients who play no-sound video in the headset and the synchronised sound in the loudspeakers, for instance from 5.1 or 7.1 sound card.

  7. What is the Token visible in lobby screen of Showtime VR player app?

    This token is used to pair your device with Showtime VR Library service. SHowtime VR Library lets you upload your content directly to all your VR devices. You can use our ckoud server for file storage or just transfer the files inside your local network from PC or Mac or other VR device. Click here to learn more about Showtime VR Library.

  8. Can you create a custom version of Showtime VR with different functionalities?

    Yes, this is what we also on daily basis.

  9. What is the maximum resolution of the video that Showtime VR can play?

    Showtime VR player can play a maximum 4096 x 4096px resolution video in 60fps.

  10. What is the maximum resolution of the 360 panoramas that can be used in Showtime VR?

    Showtime VR can display images up to 8192 x 4096px.

  1. Which VR headset is the best for cinematic experience?

    As we support many VR headsets like Gear Vr, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Lenovo Mirage Solo, Pico G2, Pico Goblin, HTC Vive Focus, and other google daydream and cardboard devices - some have better “cinema features” than others. For instance we recommend using Pico G2 as it has very good CPU performance and maintains low temperature even under long periods of heavy load. Also the attached bluetooth controller is only optional.

  2. What is the best device to run Showtime VR Controller?

    Any Android device with Android version 6 or higher, or iOS device with iOS version 11 or higher supports Showtime VR Controller. The experience will be best with larger screens, so we advice using a tablet or iPad. For ULTRA Licenses with over 50 devices connected we advice using a laptop with our Showtime VR Controller for Windows 10 and at least dual core CPU for best performance.

  3. On how many headsets can I install the Showtime VR player?

    Irrespective of your license you can install the player on as many headsets as you wish, for instance as a back up. The player is free to everyone. The license is attached to the Controller.

  4. Do I need internet connection to run Showtime VR.

    No, Showtime VR is an offline solution for synchronic 360 playback. Internet connection is needed only when registering new license key or if you want to use streaming from online source. If you want to use Showtime VR Library for fast and easy content distribution among your VR headset you will need an internet connection only to download content from our cloud server. If you want to transfer files from a device in local network internet is not needed.

  5. Do I need dedicated network to run Showtime VR?

    No, You can use any WiFi network or even create a hotspot on the device with Showtime VR Controller app installed.

  6. Do I need to provide any ID of the Samsung phone or Oculus Go when installing the player?

    No, Showtime VR player is available in the Oculus store (using the redeem code scheme) therefore you don’t need to send us any ID.

  7. How do I install Showtime VR on Oculus Go/Gear VR?

    Our Showtime VR player app for Oculus GO/Gear VR is currently under ‘key distribution’ channel. That means you need to sign in to your Oculus account and redeem a key that you received from us in order to unlock the Showtime VR app. It can be done by oculus website or Oculus app on your smartphone.

  8. Where do I put video files?

    Onto your VR headset internal storage or sd card (if the headset uses one), starting from root directory (lowest level). The path should be [root directory]/Showtime VR/videos/2d/ or 3d/ for stereoscopic videos. You don’t put the video files on the Controller device.

  9. How do I copy the video files to headsets?

    You can copy them manually by connecting each headset to the computer by cable. Or you can use our Showtime VR Library content management system solution (additional subscription) which allows you to upload automatically content to all connected headsets, for instance using local network. You can also control the upload from any remote location which gives more control over the content and the entire process.

  10. I will use 150 headsets at a event, can I number / name them?

    Yes, you can name and number each of them to make the full operation much easier.

Technical / Troubleshooting
  1. My VR headset can’t connect to Showtime VR Controller.

    Please check if WiFi is enabled in both devices and check if both devices are connected to same network. If the problem persists restart both devices.

  2. My VR headset is connected but I can’t see my videos in Controller interface.

    Please check if you uploaded the videos to correct directories according to user manual. For stereoscopic(3d) videos the path is: [root directory]/Showtime VR/videos/3d/ for monoscopic videos [root directory]/Showtime VR/videos/2d/. If the video uses unsupported codec it also might be invisible for the controller as the player app could not open it.

  3. The video seems distorted.

    Check if you put videos to correct directories. There may be a chance that you uploaded a monoscopic video to 3d directory. To be sure if the video is monoscopic or stereoscopic open it in a non 360 video player on your PC or Mac. If there are two movie frames one under another this is a stereoscopic video.

  4. My VR headset sometimes disconnects from controller app.

    It may happen if you saved more than one local wireless networks in you device. If the current WiFi signal is weak the headset might automatically connect to other network. To prevent that it is best to forget any saved networks beside the one used for synchronization.

  5. The video plays but I can’t hear the sound.

    There is a chance that the sound codec used in your video is not supported, please check the supported codec list in our user manual. If you use external .tbe sound file, please check if it has the same filename as video file.

  6. The subtitles or TBE sounds weren’t loaded.

    Check if the .srt or .tbe file has exactly the same name as the video file. Additionally the .srt file should be encoded in utf-8.

  7. I changed the config file but it doesn’t show updated data in Controller app interface.

    Please check if you saved the config file with utf-8 encoding.

  8. My branding doesn’t work.

    Make sure you uploaded the skybox and logo files to the correct directory - [root directory]/Showtime VR/branding/. Check if the file names match the ones in the config file. Make sure your license has branding enabled - you can see that in your Controller interface in settings tab near the license information.

  9. I have a 25-50 device license but I managed to connect only 10-12 devices to the Controller app.

    You are probably using your controller device hotspot as WiFi network. Android devices often have a limit of how many connections they can accept. Please try another network which is capable of handling so many devices at once.

  10. Some video are greyed out in Controller interface.

    This means that the devices containing those videos are inactive (sensor uncovered).