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Showtime VR tech partner at VR Days Europe

Showtime VR on VR Days Europe

VR Choir on 2019 edition of VR Days

For the 4th time Showtime VR was directing the unique VR Choir in Amsterdam. 2019 edition of VR Days Europe strengthened the brand as one of the best events on virtual reality & XR worldwide. From traveling across space, experiencing school shooting, through singing with the jellyfish, touching Munch’s The Scream, discussing the role of humans in the technology age up to travelling while being black in the US now and then - everything in the one and the only Church of VR in Amsterdam. 
VR Days gathered over 5,000 participants this year. Full of presentations, discussions, workshops, pitches, latest technology and above all meetings. VR Days is so unique because of the format and participants - it is one of rare events not focused only on hardware and software. The 3-day event is more a festival with artists, filmmakers and distributors and above all those who look for implementing VR & XR solutions in their daily work. 
Showtime VR was honoured to be the technology partner of VR Days in Amsterdam for the 4th time. Since 2016 our Showtime VR solution for VR synchronic playback was managing thousands views of the best 360 degrees productions from around the world. With VR Days and its curators we’ve created a unique VR Choir on 30 seats using first Samsung Gear VR, then Oculus Go and now Pico headsets for screening the VR content. 
In 2019 we were proudly responsible for the entire VR Church in Amsterdam, not only the VR cinema, but also 16 interactive experiences on HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Pimax and Oculus Quest headsets. 
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VR Church in Amsterdam