VIrtual history theatre "Niepodlegla" / "Independence"

Moving 100 years ago with virtual reality & Showtime VR

Virtual history theatre „Niepodlegla” / „Independence” promotes history of Poland with virtual reality. 

The initiative was established by the Koncept Kultura Foundation in cooperation with the "Niepodlegla" / "Independence" programme which supports celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Polish independence. 

Viewers can experience 360 degrees movies in a travelling 8-metre diameter dome. The installation bring the participants many years back to historic events happening just around them. They are in the very centre of the action and become part of these events. Modern technology helps the participants feel almost physical participation in creating history. 

The virtual history theatre has been travelling around Poland for two years, visiting cities, community centres, schools. It offers entertainment and education in one. 
The theatre destinations in Fall 2020 include:
  • 16-18.09 - Gniezno
  • 19-21.09 - Wrocław
  • 24.09 - Wołomin
  • 26-28.09 - Poznań
  • 02-03.10 - Legionowo
The shows are supported by Showtime VR software for remote management of many VR headsets and synchronic VR presentations. Showtime VR software helps the organisers ensure smooth flow of many participants.