UPDATE: Showtime VR 3.0 is on

The main new features include (depending on the license type):

  • Audio communication between the controller and headsets - yes, you can speak through the controller device to all or selected headsets. Participants will hear you in their headphones. 
  • Multiple audio tracks support - you can easily decide which audio / language version will be played on which headsets. The sound can be in .tbe, .wav separate files or embedded in the movie. Valuable feature for tours, exhibitions or professional training.
  • Default audio localization - set a player device to always play selected audio version for any video based on file name suffix. Great for tours with many audio language versions. 
  • Kiosk mode - you can set this function from the controller. The looped video will start over when the new person comes. A perfect solution for exhibitions, museums, fairs.
  • View Recentering - recenter the view in player devices to the direction where users are looking in. 
  • 180 Left-Right format video added, next to already supported other stereo 3D formats as:  180 Top-Bottom, 360 Top-Bottom and 360 cubemap Left-Right.
  • Network performance enhanced.
  • Better responsiveness and performance of the interface. 

As you know Showtime VR provides advanced features for professionalists. To make it easier we’ve listed here all major features of the Ultra license - click here.

We’re encouraging all users to update their system to Showtime VR 3.0, free of charge. The update will come into effect on 3 March at 10:00 am CET. As of 3 March please use the links on this website to download and install new players and controllers. Your player app on Oculus or Lenovo (Daydream) should update automatically.

Showtime VR Team