Showtime VR
now also available in
Online version
Control headsets from
around the world

through the internet.
Distribute content
to any destination.

Showtime VR Online released!

The long awaited fully online version of Showtime VR is now available.
With a single web based controller you can manage a VR show the same way as you were able with previous location based versions of Showtime VR.
Showtime VR Online allows you to control VR headsets placed all around the world.
Integration with Showtime VR Library lets you distribute content directly to desired devices. 
Full list of features for Showtime VR online available below, and many new coming soon.

List of features

Number of headsets You can manage 1, 50, 500 or unlimited number of headsets from one device
License Subscription per device
Compatibility - player Oculus Quest 1/2, Pico G2/G2 4K, Pico Neo 2/3, Vive Flow, Vive Focus 2/3, DPVR P1, Google cardboard, Lenovo Mirage Solo
Compatibility - controller Web browser
Video formats

360 3D (180: left-right; 360: top-bottom)
360 2D
180 2D
180 3D
flat 2D/3D

Codecs H264, H265, VP9
Containers mp4
Frame size up to 8k on capable devices

360 panoramas Panoramas can be played in pre-set intervals, as slide presentation
format JPG, PNG
size up to 8192x8192 px
3D One file Top-Bottom
Video playlists A playlist includes videos and panoramas which are played automatically one by one
Looping The video will be repeated until the playback is canceled
Temperature status You can monitor the temperature of each headset which is particularly important to avoid overheating
Battery status Status of the battery for each headset
Multiple playbacks You can play different videos on different headsets (asynchronic)
Synchronisation  The video playback is synchronised across all platforms, no matter if you use different headsets and for instance Windows player with the audio on loudspeakers. 
Remote volume adjusting You can adjust volume of the playback on all headsets or on each of them individually. You can as well pre-set maximum volume for the playback. 
Streaming from online sources Play videos from online sources, including using HLS, DASH, SmoothStream
Audio formats Stereo 44,1Khzz 48Khz encapsulated
FB360 3D Spatial TBE sound support (
.tbe file should have the same file name as corresponding video file
Ambisonics B-format (Ambix) integrated into mp4 file
Multiple audio versions You can easily decide which audio / language version will be played on which headsets. The sound can be in .tbe, .wav separate files or embedded in the movie. Valuable feature for instance for tours, exhibitions or professional training.
Default audio localization Set a player device to always play selected audio version for any video based on file name suffix. Great for tours with many audio language versions.
Showtime VR Library Content management system for automatic uploading & deleting video content on all headsets (included)
Own branding You can include your own skybox (360 degrees background) and the logo in the waiting room. 
Headtracked subtitles Prepare subtitles in .srt file and they will be visible always in front of the eyes of the viewer. 
Updates Regular updates of the system. 
Help desk Help desk for clients of Showtime VR. 



Coming soon!

Showtime VR Story Compatibility with Showtime VR Story - branching narrative based on 360 degrees videos and a tree of choices
Voice communication In lobby and during a show voice communication between show manager and attendees.
Live preview Reworked live preview feature which will allow to see selected player POV in the controller interface