Manage content on 100 VR headsets with one click - Showtime VR Library

Showtime VR Library content management

No matter if you have 5 or 500 virtual reality headsets, copying video files to them is a pain. With the newly released Showtime VR Library solution you can get rid of cables, just connect all your headsets to one WIFI network and from the content manager upload, delete, move, rename the videos and panoramas. 
How do you copy large video files to your VR headsets? Yes, they are heavy, sometimes even 12GB each. And if you have many of them and need to change content frequently you know the challenge. Most of us sideload the content to VR headsets manually with the cable connected to your computer. One by one. Whole night spent before an event for 200 participants playing 360 degrees video synchronically. The challenge is even greater if you use for instance Lenovo Mirage Solo goggles on which you literally can’t copy files, only on SD memory card. Or Oculus Go in a developer mode which is not seen on your computer.


The solution is now knocking to your doors. We’re happy to introduce Showtime VR Library - a real library of your 360 degrees content. It works simple and is integrated with Showtime VR. You can store your content on a computer, our cloud, Google drive or one of the headsets. Connect all headsets to your local WIFI and with one click copy the files. Now you can leave all your 200 headsets during the night and they are all ready in the morning for your event. Still, if you can’t sleep you can wake up at 2 am and check the status of copying remotely from home. What’s the trick? We’re not downloading 12GB video file each time from internet for each headset, but use P2P solution which enables headsets to exchange bits of the content between themselves much faster. The solution can work in the local network. 
In addition you can easily upload content to headsets located 8,000 km from you as long as they are paired with your account and connected to internet. Showcasing your video to a client who is away and does not know how to copy videos has never been easier. 
You can launch the content manager on any device with internet connection - Mac or PC computer, tablet, smartphone. 

How much does it cost?

And the cost of this handy solution is? Access to Showtime VR Library is priced at 99 EUR / monthly or 999 EUR on annual basis. Write for a free trial license at hello@showtimevr.eu