Large Showtime VR System Update

Thank you for your trust and partnership with us on developing even greater Showtime VR system. Thanks to clients’ feedback we have introduced recently significant updates which should address most of the requests from the market. Easy online content management system (copy videos to all your 500 headsets with one click), Ambix audio support, 180 degrees videos, equi-angular cubemap support, streaming and many more.
We’re introducing Showtime VR 2 player app in version 2.11.1 and Showtime VR Controller in version 2.8.0. 

The new features of the system include:

  • Support for videos with Equi-Angular Cubemap frame format, both 2D and 3D. Videos in this format can be opened from local storage as well as being streamed.
  • Support for Ambisonics B-format (Ambix) sound with headtracking. Next to already supported FB360 (tbe) we add another spatial sound format to Showtime VR.
  • Added support for DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming, streams. You can now use Showtime VR to synchronise playback of those web stream formats.
  • Auto volume level. In the controller app settings tab you can now set a volume level for headsets that will get set upon connecting to controller.  Thanks to that you can be sure that all headsets are ready for your show.
  • Support for 180-degree videos, 2D and stereoscopic top-bottom format.
  • Released a Showtime VR Controller for macOS. MacOS became our 4th supported platform for the controller app!
  • Released new Showtime VR Library system. An easy and reliable content management system for Showtime VR. Add your devices using token displayed in the player app to remotely manage all files stored on the device. Monthly and annual subscription plans available. 
  • We also made a lot of under the hood improvements for better system stability and performance including updates to memory management preventing memory leak issues that sometimes happened.