Keep virtual reality clean

VR hygiene solutions. Hygienic covers, which help to keep VR headset clean

How often do you refuse to use virtual reality headset during fairs, shows, demos? Now I refuse rarely, but still in 2018 major VR events featured Oculus Go without hygienic covers
I still remember one of the first public lectures on VR with a Gear VR headset (the white one) presenting an episode of a 360 degrees series. You couldn’t wear it. Trust me.
When we met with Samsung Poland in 2017 talking about our Showtime VR software for managing VR shows we started the presentation with the words „We’re World of VR and our VR does not stink”. It triggered a heated discussion on hygiene, possible solutions, make-up, etc. 
I’m sure the VR community is grown up enough to respect the viewers and approach headset hygiene responsibly. Have the headsets producers grown up to this challenge? 
Let’s take a look at the hardware.
Samsung Gear VR - perfectly absorbing foam, luckily easy to wear a cover
Daydream - no comment. Yes, we all have washing machines but do we really need to use it in VR? 
Lenovo Mirage Solo - only ninja masks (There is a legend that Lenovo had a corporate version with easily wipeable foam but did you ever saw it?)
HTC Vive - perfectly absorbing foam, but you can use easy cover as for Gear VR
Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest - all need aftermarket covers
The only mass product I know with a factory solution (easily wipeable foam) is Pico G2. Of course provided that you get a foam tailored to your head’s shape. 

Why hygienic covers are so important?

Still many people did not have any contact with VR. Our role is to show the best in this technology. And dirty, sweaty, stinky headsets will not bring us and our technology followers. 
Remember about it when planning shows, events or opening VR cinemas
Hygienic cover, good cleaning after each use and well-trained staff should be enough. We don’t really want anyone to leave the show not only with extraordinary experience, but also with rash on the face?
Oh please -  don’t forget about lenses – please clean it too!  
Marcin Pleta