How much does VR training cost?

For a few years now Virtual Reality has been viewed with renown as one of the most effective ways to train students, interns and even employees. As a result, more and more institutions want to introduce this innovative option to their own peers and enjoy its full benefits. But how much does VR training cost, and is it profitable in the long run? Let’s find out right now, so you could make an informed decision for yourself.

Explore many advantages of Virtual Reality education

As we all well know, Virtual Reality has many benefits when it comes to its educational purposes. It creates a highly immersive environment and allows users to truly engage in presented scenarios. Interactive education promotes faster learning and better knowledge retention. Virtual Reality is also much safer in cases of training for high-risk jobs, often found in the medical or military field. It is important to note that VR provides benefits not only to its users but also to the organization providing this type of education. One of the other advantages of this innovative solution is cost reduction. After the implementation of VR training, you won’t have to hire expert instructors to coach trainees or involve your other employees in this task. Introduction of Virtual Reality training can also be linked with a significant reduction in travel expenses - you can educate students and employees in one place and avoid paying for trips they would typically need to go on to complete their practice. What is more, thanks to professional Virtual Reality training, institutions can provide their staff with crucial hands-on experience, which will result in faster learning and shorter job initiation period.

VR training

Learn the true cost of Virtual Reality training

It is difficult to estimate the full price of Virtual Reality training because the true cost will depend on several variables. Of course, the biggest expense when it comes to implementation of VR education is its initial set-up. The total VR training cost will depend mainly on the number of headsets you need to purchase. Like any technology, over time, also VR headsets become more available and affordable, so the initial price will be reduced. The VR training cost must also include the professional software which will allow you to control all of the headsets. With its help, you will be able to simultaneously take full control over one or multiple devices. That means you can provide training for one person or even for hundreds of users at the same time. Fortunately, the best VR apps can be easily synced with top headsets on the market such as Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Samsung Gear VR, Lenovo Mirage Solo, Pico G2, Pico Neo 2, Daydream, Google Cardboard and many others. What is important, for managing the VR headsets you won’t need any special or pricey equipment. All of the connected devices can be controlled by a tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or even PC, so that reduces VR training cost even more.